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The future is imminent with technology, artificial intelligence and robotics creating exponential change the lives of each and every one of us in a myriad of ways.

We are driven and inspired to be pioneers in co-creating an inclusive, dynamic and a connected universe where anybody and everybody can realise their own meaningful place in the world and belong.

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Macro Level (one-to-many)

Providing change management services and returns to force-for-good businesses who are consciously committed to their people, their customers, their community and the world at large.

Micro Level (one-to-one)

Business, executive and personal coaching for individuals who are committed to achieving significant breakthroughs in their personal and/or professional lives, so that they can achieve their goals and make a difference.


Change management courses that teaches practical human-centred design approaches to solve simple and complex problems, and facilitate and manage change in face to face, virtual or hybrid ways of working.

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Mike Worsley

Since working with Earth 2 Mars, I have honestly not felt this positive and empowered in business in years – perhaps ever! The course is really changing my outlook on life, my vision for the future and my overall attitude. The dedicated ongoing care and guidance is incredible. They instil the tools, mindsets and approaches you need for not just your work life, but your personal life too. This is life and business coaching in one. I can’t recommend them enough.

Producer Director | Create & Cast

Cristina Herrera

Earth2Mars are visionary and strong collaborative leaders. Their passion, enthusiasm and attitude to succeed are admirable and infectious. Whether it be a change strategy, stakeholder management or training strategy, they are committed to providing clients with quality and timely deliverables. They are incredibly talented professionals and their experience and skills have proven to be invaluable.


Andrew from Earth2Mars was pivotal in driving one of the best global transitions our client has experienced in its 2 years of running! He provided me with challenges, opportunities for growth and to think outside the box which further inspired me to progress in this industry. I was fortunate enough to work alongside Andrew on a complex global project and I would definitely recommend him in the future.

Workplace Strategist and Change Management Practitioner | Cristina Herrera Consulting

Hein Corporaal

Andrew is a highly motivated and driven person with strong leadership abilities. He is innovative and thinks outside the box for solutions. I have come to know Andrew as a manager who treats his colleagues with fairness, dignity and compassion, but also to not hesitate to manage issues in a mature and professional manner.
Andrew has demonstrated his efficiency in establishing a good rapport with his co-workers but also with his clients; earning their trust and delivering on his commitments. He played a vital role in training and mentoring his team to reach their individual goals and to impart his knowledge and expertise. He is passionate about what he does and highly motivated, with a strong sense of self and his abilities, yet always eager to improve his knowledge.
Andrew is an asset to any team.

IT Governance, Risk and Advisory Services | MTN

Barry Vorster

Andrew is a live wire. He is just such an extremely positive outlook on life and is known by everyone for his enthusiasm. This wonderful outlook is combined with an eye for detail and an incredible work ethic. His is also quite an innovator. I have worked closely with Andrew for the last year on a very large, complex and challenging project and Andrew has completed his work with flying colours. I would recommend him to any company lucky enough to have him.

Partner/Director, People and Organisation - Culture, HR Technology, Future of Work | PWC

Carlos Heng

Andrew is a vibrant and thoughtful person that is truly a delight to work with. He really takes the time to get to know you, delving deep in order to get to the core of any issues that may be preventing you from achieving desired outcomes. I always look forward to our sessions together.

CEO | MakMak

Michelle Rose

I approached Earth2Mars and Andrew for coaching because I was waking up anxious due to business and financial fears and was concerned about a bad habit that was forming because of it. Andrew, helped me by making me feel very understood and supported, and by taking me through certain coaching processes that addressed the root cause of my fears and helped me see my situation differently which gave me relief.

One thing I liked was Andrew’s confident yet straight to the point manner in guiding the sessions. I found the experience really enjoyable and felt completely relaxed to tell him everything as I could feel that I was in safe and understanding hands. I would recommend Earth2Mars to people who need a rapid breakthrough in an area of life they are feeling stuck so they get their momentum and spark back.

Author - Speaker - Coach | In Love With Michelle Rose

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Our mission at the deepest level is to help people, teams and the broader business world create radical change through proven human-centric and ecological approaches to transformation.

We are constantly attracting and supporting real visionaries to shake up their worlds for the better. We empower people by igniting passion, energy and creativity so that they can lead themselves and others towards the greater good for our planet and beyond.

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