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We’re passionate about putting humans first when it comes to any kind of change initiative.

The future is now, with technology, artificial intelligence and robotics, change our lives in a myriad of ways. It’s time to maximise human potential in a way the workforce has never done before.

With 25+ years of collective experience, we’re the experts at human-centred design approaches to solving some of the most complex change problems organisations are facing today.

And with a range of experience across many sectors in the industry, from finance, technology, health, government, transport and many more, we’ve helped our customers and clients create change that’s rapid, engaging and collaborative.

How? By staying true to our mission of humanising the workplace. Why? So that everyone can find their place now and in the future.

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Vision for the future that
keeps our team united
and focused


Earth2Mars was born to help individuals and organisations create radical and positive change that makes a real difference in the world.

Founders, Andrew Butow and Hyugo Hayashi, saw the workplace and the world changing rapidly, with advancements in technology, AI and robotics further excelling the speed of change that we’re all living through today.

What can be automated and replaced with tech, is happening at speed and we’re seeing this across all industries.

So where does that leave us? That’s where our human skills, such as communication, collaboration, creativity, and engagement become the core critical skills needed now and in the future.

But not all organisations have been able to keep up with the pace of change, and we’re seeing these fundamental human skills being left behind in the process.

That’s why our mission at the deepest level is to help people, teams and the broader business world create radical change through proven human-centric and ecological approaches to transformation.

Together with the team at Earth2Mars, we’re constantly attracting and supporting real visionaries to shake up their worlds for the better.

We are best known for empowering people by igniting passion, energy and creativity so that they can lead themselves and others towards the greater good for your business, the planet and beyond.


CEO & Change 
Management Expert

A radical change facilitator with a passion for people and the unyielding belief that revolutionary returns can only be achieved through conscious change.

Andrew will help you define, plan, lead and execute complex change to achieve real outcomes.


Co-founder and Director

A marketing and brand specialist, trained in landscape architecture and behavioural science, he brings together the understanding of internal and external drivers to create a holistic approach to change and engagement.

He helps you define and execute your vision for the world.