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Change Foundation Course

Earn a digital credential by completing this course
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Change Foundation Course

Earn a digital credential by completing this course

Implementing change isn't as easy as it seems...

Some of the most common challenges people in change are facing today are

"I face resistance and it's draining me"

"It's hard to get people engaged and on board with me"

"The templates aren't working anymore"

"I don't know how to make the process more simple and easier"

We’ve been there too

Imagine overcoming these challenges and being able to make real change that gives you real results that you can measure.

That’s why at Earth2Mars, we use human-centred design approaches to solve some of the most complex problems you face today.

You’ll benefit by learning how to


Create high impact engagement with your people through collaboration and influence


Become confident in facilitating meetings and workshops


Master the principles of human-centred design and apply it to any stakeholder group


Add practical and easy to use tools to your toolkit


Wendi Keenan

Being able to physically go through the tools and have that toolkit to takeaway with clear and logical ways to implement meant that I can use it in the field right away.

I learned so much and took so much away. I was engaged throughout the whole day. It’s the first course I’ve been on in a long time where I didn’t tune out halfway through.

General Manager | Advanced Care Australia

Michael Amsoms

The course really helped me become a stronger facilitator with tools that I can use to roll out change quicker, with better stakeholder engagement that allows my stakeholders to understand what the change is about.

I often need to develop my own framework in the work that I do and digital is so important in the way we engage teams, so it was very useful to learn the right kind of digital tools that are collaborative, engaging and adaptable to complex projects.

Change Manager | Westpac

Rob Wojtaszek

I love the openness, transparency and simplicity of the radical change framework because it truly and authentically puts people at the forefront of any change.  There was a lot of continuity and links between the tools and activities in the course, and the practical implementation of those (tools) meant that you are ready to do them with clients immediately.

Product Manager | Owner for a Non-For-Profit Organisation

Youstina Palmiotto

“The top takeaways for me were learning how to get strong buy-in with a lot less resistance to change and the sessions to consolidate, reinforce and have a clear vision on applying the concepts they taught. I really enjoyed every bit of it.”

Director, Learn to Change

Your program includes

1x full day Learning Session held on a weekend (face to face)

3x sections, with a total of 10 modules combining human-centred design tools for face to face use.
Lunch and beverages are catered for and included in your seat.

3x Human Skills Sessions held after work hours (virtual)

Craft your communication and facilitation skills by learning and combining the best of behavioural science to excel your stakeholder management and engagement skills.

1x BONUS clarity sessions with one of our certified coaches (virtual)

60min session that can be used for personal or professional development.

Gain access to the exclusive Global Alumni Group of change-o-nauts

Leverage global collective experience and knowledge of like-minded professionals to continue the learning and receive on-going support.

Earn a digital credential and certification

As an earner of a digital credential, you’ll get access to real-time global opportunities.
In addition, use them to enhance and elevate your professional profile on LinkedIn and other social media platforms.

Meet your instructor

Andrew Butow

Andrew founded Earth2Mars to help people make a difference in the world. With two decades of experience, he has been practising human-centred design with his clients across the world, helping them embrace digital collaboration and solve complex change problems by leveraging the human potential right under executives' noses.
He brings together the best of business, consulting, design-thinking and behavioural science into a diverse range of projects and industries spanning from transformational, technology to organisational change (big, small or somewhere in between).

CEO & Change Management Expert

Cristina Herrera

Cristina, is our vision partner who is fiercely committed to navigating through life and business with a hand-on-heart approach. She is an industry thought leader, speaker, growth coach, educator and mentor in Organisational Change Management and Workplace Strategy with a wealth of global cross-cultural experience.

Innovator, Strategist, Transformation Partner and Coach


How does this compare to other courses?

If you learn better by doing, rather than just listening, then this is what our courses are about. The content is highly interactive and practical, focusing on results.


And because it’s based on human-centred design approaches, it means you can start using what you learn and put it into practice immediately.

I learn best face to face. How does this work virtually?

We’ve curated the course program so the most practical skills and tools are taught in person. But we don’t forget about the importance of engagement even in virtual learning, so we focus on bringing the best possible in-person experience into the virtual sessions as well.

How can I pay for the course?

We accept bank transfers or credit cards. To enroll simply reach out to Ana from our team:

How useful is the content?

Everything you learn in the course can be applied to your project or work, regardless of your level of experience or profession.


If you’re in the business of people, the tools, methods and skills you learn are designed to elevate your people skills.

What support do I get after the course if finished?

All registrants get access to the exclusive Alumni group of change-o-nauts. That means you have access to all other graduates from around the world and the Earth2Mars team 24/7. The exclusive Alumni group was created as part of the course to offer continual learning and support for each other’s growth.

How credible is this course?

Don’t just take our word for it! Check out the testimonials from past graduates from the course. The tools we teach are very versatile and that’s why we’ve had all sorts of professionals join, from psychologists, teachers, project managers, learning and development to of course change managers.


What we teach is based on what we use on our projects with clients, so they’re all tried with proven results. We work across all industries spanning across government, private and non-profit sectors.


On top of that, graduates earn a certification and digital credential through Credly, one the world’s leading and largest digital credential providers.

I’m seasoned in change. Which course is right for me?

Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner, trying to get your first change role, or want to learn how to use human centred design approached in your line of work, reach out to us for a quick chat so we can make sure the learning is right for your needs. To book a quick introductory call, reach out to Ana from our team:

What skills does a change manager need?

Our workplace and world is highly connected driven by the exponential growth in technology and automation. This means traditional ways of change need to evolve to keep up with the pace.


Today, we’re seeing not just the most successful change managers, but also leaders create and lead impactful change through collaboration and engagement with their people.


This means, in addition to the baseline skills for change (communication, analysis etc), the most important skills that we need more of today and in the future are tools and communication techniques that create stronger relationships between people and teams. This is what human centred design approaches can achieve.


To find out more on our course options and which one works best for you, book a complimentary chat.