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Nov 12 , 2019
Fear of Change

Last week one of our clients Peter send us a photo last week, you can check it out in my LinkedIn post here. The layers of irony in this photo inspired our blog piece this week on the fear of change, figurative and literal.

Fear is the most common reason for the resistance of change often stopping people in their tracks from taking any action.

We see it with our coaching clients and in organisations going through rapid technological transformations. Some people cling to career paths that they have no passion for because they can’t wrap their heads around the fact that their goals, values and identity are no longer aligned. Many people feel paralysed at the idea of changing something that others will perceive as a key part of their identity.

Fear of Change

The paradox is when we accept uncertainty, we have the skills to change and evolve. Fear is the emotion that gets in the way causing us to lose clarity around our potential. Staying put can be riskier than changing. You risk being left behind when you don’t continue to grow.

Fear often described as False Evidence Appearing Real and the team at Earth2Mars work to help our clients navigate through this by looking at the fear from the outside in and validating what is real by exploring the evidence.

The reality is that in our current technologically tethered society we make micro-changes every single day. From an app update, information download on YouTube, to the constant never-ending stream of consciousness on social media, we are downloading information into our brains every waking second. It’s no wonder we’re hitting fatigue at faster rates.

While our brains might prefer predictable patterns of negative outcomes over uncertain outcomes our minds are still flexible and adaptive – it can be trained to thrive in change. When we focus on thriving in change, we have a higher chance of getting what we want at a lower cost to our energy, time and resources, and we also become open to new possibilities.

Fear of Change

This is what we look for at Earth2Mars, always on the lookout for the rebels, the unconventional thinkers who can develop new cutting-edge, the outliers, approaches, changemakers hungry for something different, ready to challenge the status quo and step up into a future-focused mindset.

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