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How to evolve from finger-pointing to real outcomes.
Jan 09 , 2020
How to evolve from finger-pointing to real outcomes.

At Earth2Mars we understand the outrage, we often find ourselves in moments of tension and frustration. As practised coaches and change managers, it’s our role and responsibility to switch out of ‘effect’ and step into ‘cause’ as much as possible, it’s a key component for Human-Centred Design to be an important part of our change management process showing how to evolve from finger-pointing to real outcomes.

Right now Australia is finding itself in an ‘effect’ over such things as the banking royal commission, the recent Westpac revelations, and now more recently a Prime Minister who has made some tone-deaf decisions while the country burns.

Unfortunately, this is more common than most of us are willing to admit.

How to evolve from finger-pointing to real outcomes.

There is a direct parallel to how our Prime Minister is operating that we are witnessing in business. An appointed leader makes decisions that the company doesn’t align with. The people within the organisation spend much of their time in outrage, the real leaders are the people getting out there fighting the fires, literally and figuratively.

How many of you as managers are fighting fires in your own company? Fight against leadership that is tone deaf? Fighting against people who tell you that this is how it’s always been, why bother? It can make you feel like you’re fighting your fires alone with both hands tied behind your back.

How to evolve from finger-pointing to real outcomes.

There are some reality checks to liberate everyone collectively out of outrage into outcomes.

  • Acknowledge that we cannot change the past actions.
  • Acknowledge that we often can’t change the leader in any immediate way, certainly not in the speed in which fires move (figuratively in organisations and literally in the bushfires that are currently out of control).
  • Recognise you need help in change, it’s ok to ask for help, change managers wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for the fact that increasingly more organisations are realising they need outside input.
  • Understand what ‘change’ really means and what processes are involved.
  • Learn what leadership really is in the current climate.
  • Realise YOU are not powerless to do something. Every single person out there fighting the fires ravaging our country didn’t pause to wait for our leader to come back from his holidays before making decisions.

We have two webinars planned to address the how to evolve from finger-pointing to real outcomes for 21st of January and 25th of January, if any of this article hits home, register your interest now at all proceeds will be donated to the tremendous leadership of our firefighters across the nation.