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Leadership in the era of connection
Aug 22 , 2019
Leadership in the Era of ‘Connection’

Right now as an industry we are in an awkward space in the change management environment. We are in a reality that is quickly moving away from the information age although even now some are still stuck in industrial production line mentality. There is a need for leadership as the knowledge we gain is quickly being outdated and replaced.

The speed of knowledge is moving faster than the education systems can provide and the accessibility to a depth and breadth of knowledge continues to grow exponentially with the utilisation of social media connectedness, online search and A.I. We are now in an era of ‘connection’; tethering satellites to your spaceship, and collaborating with other space stations. 

You can no longer be a specialist in one area anymore.

This past few weeks I’ve been learning a lot of lessons from our business growth, working with plug-and-play collaborators, developing my team, handing over tasks, and navigating boundaries. What I’ve learnt is when you are evolving to a leadership role from the role of a technician/business owner, you need to know enough to delegate and manage without needing to be the expert.

A few months ago a conversation with Ming Johanson (a specialist who works closely with us) occurred where she proposed the idea that everyone needing to be replaceable. I’ll admit, I reacted negatively at first. What I was reacting to was the negative variation of the ‘replaceable’ where everyone in organisations are treated like a number and not the positive reframe she proposed. 

Replaceable does not mean ‘removable’. Instead it follows the premise that roles, people and business needs space to evolve. For this to happen, you can start with:

  • replacing portions of your role,
  • utilising automation tools,
  • creating efficiency in process;
  • growing leaders to step into parts of the roles that are taking up energy and time that could be done by something or someone else

This will allow you, the business owner or leader, the time and flexibility to work on parts of your space station with a clear mind and space to go where needed.

All of this can occur at a macro level in a company, organisation or even economy, or a micro level with an individual within any business. One of the skills needed in a connection age is being able to switch between micro and macro.

Here are three key things that will change as we become an interplanetary species in leadership in the new era.

Leader vs Follower

Leadership in the era of connection - Great leadership inspires action

Know what you’re good at. This goes back to the right person or tool for the right job. Leadership is not about having all the answers; focus on clear and healthy communication, clarity around roles and responsibilities.

Great leadership inspires action and attracts the right following. Focus on the ‘why’ of your business or organisation which is essentially what you believe in. For example, Apple is a computer company but they market themselves as innovators challenging the status quo. Their belief in doing things differently has attracted a following of loyal customers who share the company’s values.

The future of work will mean people will be able to jump spaceships. This means that you should go where is needed and collaborate with other spaceships.

Get Your Hands Dirty

I’ve experienced in my business times where I have taken on people who didn’t know what they were doing. I didn’t know enough at the time and instead trusted the recommendation of someone else; thinking that this person would support my needs.

It wasn’t until I had to build my own social engine that I realised what I needed. Although it was a steep learning curve, getting my hands dirty gave me the experience I needed. What resulted was the right team that I trust and could support us through growth.


Leadership in the era of connection - Trusting the right team will support your organisation's growth

As we rapidly grow and scale, I need to trust that my team can handle whatever space throws at them. That’s what we look for in people now, because that information is easily accessible. Trust my intuition and shift the focus on measuring results instead of ‘just doing’.

Change the Modern Martian Way

Change Manager Program - Modern Martian

earth2mars is excited to announce that we are about to launch our change management program for facilitators and trainers. It is designed to help you learn change the modern martian way and tailored to help organisations address culture and technology disruptions.

We built this with the strong belief that everyone has a place in the future. It’s time to do things differently and challenge the old school mindset.

It is important that the people who join this program are future-focused and congruent with our company and brand values, so we ask that you take 5 minutes to fill out this form here.