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Learn with a cohort in our live courses.

Learn at your own pace with our Self Paced courses.


Learn with a cohort in our live courses

Learn at your own pace with our Self Paced courses

Are traditional approaches to change failing you?

The industrial and information age is over. More and more of our clients are realising that spreadsheets, checklists, templates and theoretical approaches to change, just don’t cut it anymore.

And it’s not surprising that the way we work has changed drastically and will continue to, as technology exponentially develops and advances.

This impacts the way we connect, communicate and work with each other in the hyper-connected universe we find ourselves in. Those who succeed have embraced an open source approach to change, facilitating the co-creation of change using inclusive and collaborative digital tools.

With our tried and tested approach, we’ve created a number of courses that leverage the best of human-centred design principles, which equip you with the tools and skills to adapt and excel in a hybrid digital world of work.



Build a solid understanding of a human-centred approach to change and apply this with confidence to your every day


Take your change foundation skills to the next level and learn how to digitally engage people in a hybrid world of work.


Fast track how to lead change, improve from the old ways, and master the new way of change, by combining foundation and digital learnings.

Human-Centred Design for Change
(Self Paced)

Learn at your own pace, a human-centred design approach to change with practical tools and examples so you can start applying it in your work immediately.

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