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Apr 09 , 2016
One month after the #NDIS began. Has #technology been able to keep up with the #change?

On the 1st of July, Australia saw the launch of the National Disability Insurance Scheme which can be succinctly summarised as “a unique experiment using a market-based voucher system” creating a significant opportunity (and threat) for both private and non-for-profit care providers, putting the client in a position of choice collectively backed $22 billion of funding.

Organisations leaped to the challenge, rethinking their Operating Models, People Strategies and Technology requirements in order to maintain their core mission and competitive edge. Technology seemed to be the biggest barrier to success, with even the NDIA itself implementing a system which was not match for the timeline and the numbers. According to The Australian:

“the agency shut off payments two weeks before the end of the financial year and problems with the new portal began almost immediately, meaning some ­providers and clients have not ­received money for three weeks”

Is this hinting at technology not being able to keep up with the pace of current day changes? Or is it about Change Intelligence being applied before, during and after a system implementation? We would love to hear your thoughts…