The industrial age is over as we launch into the age of connectedness.

In the age of connectedness, we are living through accelerated technology and AI developments. With global ambitions to get us to Mars, and an ever-changing ecosystem, we must remember what it means to connect as humans. Having a singular approach to change simply isn’t enough and it’s time to think broader and be more agnostic as we develop multidisciplinary approaches to change management. The Martian Way of change is the next evolution, combining principles of agile and design thinking into the world of human-centred change.

We’ve used our 15+ years of expertise and experience to develop a proven change diagnostic process that helps businesses successfully navigate through change, small or large.

With a tried and tested approach, we’re excited to share our way with the world, providing participants with the tools and skills to navigate change. Our way incorporates the best of consulting, behavioural science and multiple methodologies – all wrapped up using human-centred design. It’s time to deliver change the modern martian way and create tailored solutions to help businesses address culture and technology disruptions

Our public course is delivered as a virtual and face 2 face format. It is open to all professionals who work with or in the change space. While professions such as Program Managers, Project Managers, Business Analysis, Professionals transitioning into change, Independent Consultants and Contractors would maximise the benefits from the course. To secure a seat fill out our pre-qualification form.
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Internal training is a cost effective investment that grows your internal organisational resource that allows rapid change to occur in businesses striving to adapt to a constant moving target of technological advancements. Secure your organisation training day and click the button below to speak to our Earth 2 Mars crew.
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After a tremendous success of our public course and an overwhelming request to run them outside of Sydney and Australia, we are in the process of building our course for online. This opens up accessibility and self-paced learning to the Earth 2 Mars way of change globally. Subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to find out about the launch.
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Key Learning Outcomes

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Julie Cockerill

I love using human-centred design in the transformational work I do and the course showed me new ways of using this with really engaging and visual techniques. Combined with the facilitation techniques I was taught, I also learnt new ways to master the art of facilitating, elevating my skills.

Senior Change & Transformation Leader | Director
May 16, 2020

Victoria Marriott

With everything that’s changed because of COVID, it’s been challenging to run workshops effectively. The course taught me some really impactful digital tools that I can take back to the team to facilitate change remotely and really quickly.


This course is a huge opportunity for anyone looking for a modern way to deliver digital transformations, using engaging tools and combining this with other methodologies that might already be using. That’s the beauty and adaptability of a human-centred design approach.

Organisational Change Manager | Alinta Energy
May 16, 2020

Melinda Walsh

One of the biggest take-outs for me was learning how to apply tools in a creative and engaging way to get business buy-in. The techniques that we’ve learnt just lend itself really nicely to being able to do that. I’ve had a little bit of exposure to human-centred design but I really wasn’t quite sure which techniques to use in what situation. So this has really helped to demystify that for me and I feel like I can just go back to work straight away and be able to put this into practice.

Senior Change Manager | Practice Lead at Optus | NSW Change Management Institute Committee
Feb 22, 2020

Tania Huynh

What makes this course really unique is that they have taken a whole world of human-centred design thinking and pulled out parts that are really relevant to change managers. They’ve done the research, tried and tested it, and they deliver it in a way that’s broken down in a simple and down to earth way that helped me understand. I learnt new and innovative ways of doing change and feel empowered to deliver and facilitate it effectively.

Change Manager | NSW Department of Education | CMI NSW Award Winner 2019
Feb 22, 2020

Wendi Keenan

I learnt so much and took so much away. I was engaged throughout the whole day. It’s the first course I’ve been on in a long time where I didn’t tune out halfway through. Being able to physically go through the tools and have that tool kit to take away. It’s clear and logical, not just for me as a change practitioner but also for the people that I’m going to be using (the tools) with, out in the field…

Project Manager | Social Worker | Change Practitioner
Nov 9, 2019

Rob Wojtaszek

I love the openness, transparency and simplicity of the radical change framework because it truly and authentically puts people at the forefront of any change.  There was a lot of continuity and links between the tools and activities in the course, and the practical implementation of those (tools) meant that you are ready to do them with clients immediately.

Product Manager | Owner for a Non-For-Profit Organisation
Nov 9, 2019

Danny Barton

The course is extremely interactive so I loved that the whole experience of actually working through a case study, getting up & actually doing the exercises to embed those in.  I now feel confident that I can go in regardless of what an
organisations’ own methodology and framework is.

Change Manager | University of Technology Sydney
Oct 26, 2019

Shova Rai

The course was so engaging and I learnt really practical tools for managing stakeholders on projects. This is by far one of most practical courses I’ve been on using human-centred design. The level of interactivity helped me understand how to apply this to not only my projects (in change), and also anything that requires engagement and communication with stakeholders.

I met and connected with such a great group of people on the course, helping me extend my networks in the change industry, which is so valuable too.

Commercial Change Lead | Enablis
Feb 22, 2020

Change Diagnostic approach that incorporates the best of consulting, behavioural science & human-centred design.

Facilitation tips, tools and skills for a more holistic, engaging & inclusive change consulting.

A toolkit of human-centred design approaches specific for change & transformation work.

In-depth knowledge & practical communication skills to help you deliver & facilitate change with confidence.

You will be equipped with the technology & change techniques to run change projects in virtual & live formats for your clients and organisation.