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A space for like and un-like minded change leaders of today, who are passionate about learning, sharing knowledge, and connecting to create human-centric approaches to change.

The Space for Change™ community meets up regularly with expert guest speakers to learn insights, tips and useful tools on topics that matter to you and the global community.

The benefits of joining

  • Learn from the industry leaders and experts with real examples and case studies

  • Take advantage of the tools, tips and insights shared and use them to help you professionally

  • Connect with change leaders from across the world as we gather at every Space for Change session and build your network. “Your Net Worth is your Network”
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For every Space for Change event we run, all ticket proceeds are donated to our charity partners who share our vision in continuing to build a future where humans can live in harmony with planet Earth.

What people say


Does it cost to join Space for Change™ group?

No, it’s free to join the group!

When’s the next event?
For all upcoming events, jump on our events page here. The best way to get notified when the next event is on, simply subscribe to our newsletter down below and join the community here
Why does it cost me to join a Space for Change event?

We created Space for Change to give our community useful and topical content, so to extend the giving, the purpose of the donation is to give back to our planet. You’ll find that all our charity partners share our vision for humanity and nature.