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Sep 24 , 2019
The Importance of Vision & Mission

Greta Thunberg went from being a schoolgirl to the world’s most influential climate activist. She had a vision and began protesting outside of her school saying that climate change was more important than education. Last week across the globe, millions join the biggest climate protest ever. A movement from young and old pushing for a better future, at least one where we survive.

The Importance of Vision & Mission - No one is too small to make a difference

This is a young woman who believes that no one is too small to make a difference. When companies take the approach as Greta has, staying true to their vision, mission and values, they’ll succeed. And this will create a space where the employees and clients are proud to associate with.

One of the interesting arguments/talking points heard over the week by the team from a climate denier was that climate campaigns were just a way to create revenue with renewable energy from an ongoing fear campaign and that we were heading towards an ice age irrespective of our efforts to reduce carbon emissions.

Arguably if climate deniers believe that we are headed towards an ice age because from what I understand they believe the climate is a cycle and the ice age is inevitable. The question that must be asked is why aren’t we doing anything to develop technologies to keep humanity safe in an ice age?

Wherever you might stand on the climate conversation, the reality is, working towards creating more efficient and useful technologies that solve a multitude of problems around climate would help us with a mission to Mars. This is because we simply don’t have a full picture of the resources available on the red planet. It would certainly take us a while to be able to dig up resources from the ground itself until we were more established there. Mars is very cold with an average temperature of minus 60⁰ Celsius.

A collective vision and mission as a whole human race would perhaps help us spend less time in argument and more time creating solutions for problems that exist here on Earth that would ultimately support our future colony on Mars. That’s why we believe at earth2mars that everyone has a place in the future.

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