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Oct 01 , 2019
Time & Effective Organisational Change

Organisational change is essential for companies that want to evolve and remain competitive. However, organisational change can also be incredibly disruptive and time consuming without a strategy to guide the transformation initiatives.

Our most effective change management implementations are those that bring in human-centred design. Why? Because employees are often the ones most affected by an organisational change.

The decision to become adopters or disrupters of change can have a tremendous impact on the success of business transformations. Especially as we see more technologies such as artificial intelligence/machine learning/VR make its way into the future of work.

Here are three effective change management strategies that support the human elements in organisational change.

1.   Co-creation & Communication

One of the key change management strategy is to identify how the change will benefit everyone in their role and the company. A positive change management experience can often bring a whole company together. It’s an opportunity for leadership to show that they value and support the employees/teams within the company.

Imagine the impact on the International Space Station if NASA was going to change something without first communicating with the International Partners and not taking into consideration of the limitations, constraints and even bureaucracy. The same can be applied within businesses.

2. Redefine Values

We’ve all worked in organisations where the values on the wall were often not reflected in the company culture. Where the values were given lip service.

Establishing a culture of continuous improvement is a way to shift the hearts and minds of employees asked to change the way they work. Employees are more receptive to new ways of working (and a new mindset about work) if they have bought into the concept and practice of continuous improvement.

When there is a value misalignment, this can lead to sabotage from your crew. This will not only have impacted the entire business but often without realising that the oxygen tank would’ve been compromised. Get this right and everyone will breathe easy.

3.   Engage the Champions of Change

Radical change is often met with a high amount of resistance. The odds of success will be improved when the voices championing change belong to the employees and not just upper management. For employees that do engage in change, this can often demonstrate valuable leadership skills and allow you to build future career pathways for their progression.

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