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Sep 06 , 2019
Untethered, and reconnecting to our lifelines

The smaller the proximity in our physical space, the closer we get to tech and physical space the more isolated we are becoming. It’s become increasingly important to check how tethered (or untethered) we are and reconnect.

Technology, designed to keep our attention.

What happens to our consciousness when we look at a screen? Either our computer or mobile device? We are wired to look for stimulus. When we look at a screen, television, app, or Netflix, or social media, it is designed to consume you in either work or play, push alerts are there to drag you in and keep you there.

Researchers have come up with a new way to define the different ways that we experience dreamlessness, and say there’s no evidence to suggest that our consciousness ‘switches off’ when we stop dreaming. In fact, they say the state of dreamlessness is way more complicated than we’d ever imagined. It will be interesting to see how the current culture of overuse of devices (us being tethered) and the fatigue that follows will impact this.

Our devices often don’t create space for us to balance our time with being tethered and stay connected with our community, something that mental health organisations such as R U OK? Day speaks about as one of the contributing factors of suicide and a growing avalanche of mental health issues occur on a global scale.

Isolation of Modern Life.

Research looked at people who were tethered to their phone and the Internet. It found that it contributed to a chemical imbalance that could cause severe anxiety and tiredness.

The uptake of experiences such as sleep pods, or floats in sensory deprivation tanks seems to be in exponential growth.

Modern Life is designed to be an escape pod, our apartments and homes we live in have everything we might need, we can work from home, there’s a coffee machine, our entertainment, now more than ever I have found myself booking a time to work from a coffee shop to ensure that I remain connected with humanity and not remain isolated within my self created ‘escape pod’.

Our biological needs.

The team at Earth2Mars are increasingly focused on staying in touch with the physical body. Many of us untether and go for a gratitude walk.

Disconnect time to create presence back to our body, by default we typically pushing our energy out to our technology. How will this look as we start to physically integrate more with our technology? Will there be an opportunity to disconnect to reconnect?

It’s hard to say with the pace of technological shift’s being so significantly different generations. We went from having no Internet to a hyperconnected world in less than 30 years that’s a big deal when you consider how much the internet has changed human life.

The role that technology plays in human life is becoming an increasingly urgent question. Big tech companies like Facebook and Twitter are constantly under fire for their role in spreading fake news and misinformation during the 2016 presidential election.

The current real-world impact of social media will pale in comparison to potential revolutions in artificial intelligence or gene-editing or full integration of interconnectedness of technologies.

With Elon Musk openly speaking about transformational tools such as the Neuralink creating space for total transformation for humans with paralysis with full integration to their devices and control more in the real world outside of their bodies. Ultimately Musk wants “to achieve a symbiosis with artificial intelligence.”

Finding yourself floating aimlessly with no apparent goal in the same empty environment and looking for a lifeline towards your future goals, it’s time to connect with us.

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